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Race #3 NC Winter Cup CX, Fayetteville, NC

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
This past week has been busy getting back to work, organizing for the Spring & beginning logistics for the Summer semesters, and trying to "be active" despite the rain. The efforts began to pay off though...

I awoke REALLY tired this morning, which is not something you want on the day of an event. Liz was kind enough to drive from Raleigh to F-ville while she let me sleep. Only an extra hour or so of sleep, but I felt 10x better! BG when I got up was 83. When we arrived at the event location my bg was 68 after breakfast and the nap in the car. I ate 1 GU, bolused .4u for it... based on HypoManager -- this was @ 11am with the race to start @ ~12:15-12:20. At 11:30 my bg was 89 and at 11:45 it was 92 -- flat-lined. I dropped by basal rate to 65% of normal, bolused .75u and ate another GU (25g "long-burn" carb).

Let me explain a little... I've been trying to curb the adrenaline glucose kick at the start while still having carbs and enough insulin on board to "have a full tank". GU is a long-chain carb, therefore it (like Hammer gel) takes about 25-30 min to really begin having an effect on bg -- meaning the GU's would begin "working" right around the start... at the same time I would expect an adrenal kick. I use Apidra in my Coz pump. From experience, I know that Apidra starts to work on my bg after about 20 min and starts to peak around 1-2 hours after, with about a 4 hr duration. In training without any issue of adrenaline kicks and a bg of 100-120, I can eat a GU without a bolus and just "burn it off". By utilizing a bolus, I was buffering against the adrenaline kick. To finish the discussion, my bg at the end of the race was 94 -- a little lower than I perform best at, but VERY acceptable!

Okay, the race. When I first saw the course, my first comment was "great, another flat sprint course". Well, it was predominantly flat, but it was wet and muddy enough and included enough off camber & curves to make lots of spots interesting. Oh yea and then include the sandpits. Off the start I in the back within seconds of the gun and then the cluster of riders ahead hit the first mudhole and 90% of them went down... I dismounted and ran through them. Making good time and beginning to move up, I was progressively riding stronger. I was upper mid-pack somewhere between 11-15. And then on the second lap I dove into the "dragon's tail", a double off camber s-curve, when both my wheels went out from under me and I went down on my right side. I hopped up, grabbed the bike, ran through the section, over the barriers, and remounted having actually gained three positions... WHAT! SERIOUSLY! Then I found out I'd landed on the rear derailleur and knocked it out of alignment (at the least). One middle gear on the cassette was great, while things slipped in any other cog... sometimes horribly. At this point I could've gotten flustered, aggravated, and blown-up.

Instead I settled down and kept pushing as fast as I could muster, checking things out on the clear straightaways. The drivetrain was a mess, but I had a gear that I could solidly ride 75% of the course in at a good clip. Wound it out in the third and fourth laps as much as I could, lost a few spots b/c of the issues, and finished up 22nd. I wasn't displeased b/c of the bg and b/c I actually felt like myself racing today... had power when I needed it, had run well without feeling like I was going to puke the whole time, hadn't blown myself up aerobically, managed the mechanical difficulties as well as I could, and finished decently well. Yes, I still had the "what if's" conversation with Liz post-race, but hey, that's the beauty of all off-road racing. I'd love to win or run top 5... who wouldn't? But, the whole idea is to have fun, get better, and learn.

Ted wasn't at the race today, but Morrison was. He finished a very strong 6th and has been doing really well in the series. Hopefully I'll be able to get in some good rides as we go into the last weekend of the Winter Cup. Oh, and did I mention they're giving away a Chris King wheelset to one of the full series riders? Oh yea, fingers crossed! (Pictures from races to come soon...)
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