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Protection energy by Diablo 3 Gold

Posted Mar 20 2013 7:43am
Have a problem with barbarian perform a lot of enjoying protection is not very perverted, barbarian straight with scorpions, pierced bloodshed a few get away, but experienced extremely kind of protection energy Diablo 3 Gold of more than 200,000 blood stream with a protect can perform protection, put a snare if he did not want to die, unlimited and take circle with you, how do buy D3 gold also get growing old him. Our demon hunter is the same, if you do not want to die, you will not die.

Seeker vs hunter war is also more fun, roughly divided into three genres, old Inna, new Inna, mashups (defense excellent damage low) inclusion with old Inna places of demon hunter. Devil hunter all with a protect, 70 precepts aspect, the battle is still very elegant, must be the other second can not manage you experience old Inna I decisive battle with scorpions, or a few moments can not manage to Diablo 3 Gold put also harass you, scorpion the other is quite complicated, must protection is not excellent.

Priests still have to be carefu, excellent damage protection monks often let you accidentally lying on the ground, even if you take the protect not two or three anti-so I use a higher attack to suppress.
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