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Phoenix's lunching ladies need bike parking

Posted Mar 08 2013 8:06pm
We have been warned!  Really glad the sticker came off easily, BTW!
Bike parking doesn't need to be a difficult thing but sometimes the lack of it in Phoenix, especially when you can't find it plentiful along the light rail route leave a girl feeling quite unloved.  Many, but certainly not all, of the eateries along Central Avenue and in the surrounding neighborhoods in Phoenix's urban core make an effort but sometimes it's nowhere to be found, or just not very good (I'll be critiquing area bike racks and corrals in an upcoming post to illustrate what works and what doesn't).

Angie has her cute little Dahon locked up to a handle in the fence.  Clever!
Angie and I locked up yesterday right outside of Fez, where hooks for bike lockup are built directly into the iron fence that encloses the alfresco dining area.  The bike parking wasn't so great at a nearby office building where she attended a meeting.  With not a bike rack in sight she locked up on the outside of a step rail only to return at the beginning of the lunch hour to find a warning sticker attached to her bike alerting her that she should put her bike in the parking garage.  Great to know but how about a sign?  Or a bike corral?  The Central Avenue sidewalks allow plenty of space for bike parking so why hide it inside the garage that typically houses cars?

Angie and her pal Emily locked up outside of Tuck/Astor House one chilly Sunday morning.
Tuck/Astor House has very clever bike parking on the Oak Street side of their address.  It blends well with the landscaping and compliments the renovated mid-century modern building that houses the restaurant.  Of course, Tuck/Astor House knows their neighbors and we're not only a bunch of foodies but we love biking around too.  They know we're here and they make us feel welcome.  Yes, sometimes the racks of full, but it is the thought that counts.

My usual Starbucks parking space.
Bike parking in front of the AMC Theater at Arizona Center.  Fans of James Bond ride bikes, too.

Yep!  This is our awesome new logo, courtesy of the fabulous Lisa Parks!
Angel's Trumpet's distinctive mural on the side of their building.
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