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People Who Bike to Work Are Awesome!

Posted by Rebecca S.

I just noticed the new group "Bike to Work" and joined. We should all join! What an awesome group to participate in or support. Even though I can't bike to work (because I work from home), I bike to work in spirit and when I run errands (errr, at least in theory, but dammit, I will start doing so from now on!) This group is genius! We all talk about wanting to save the environment and how global warming sucks, but this group is comprised of people who are actually actively doing something on a daily basis to save the environment. I love you. I applaud you. I admire you, and I'm so proud to be a part of this amazing group. Yes, I realize that I am a lame poser who goes to work in her pajamas and that I have no right to judge either way... Regardless, I am inspired and a big supporter of those who peddle their way to work. Three cheers for you! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! OXOX
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i like riding my bike
Where is this group? It sounds interesting and I'd like to join!

So nice of you Rebecca! Last year, when I lived just a mile down the street from my job, I rode my bike to work. It felt great to just zoom past any traffic there might have been and have a nice breeze waking me up even more. And, during lunch break, I could run my errands or just ride for the enjoyment of it.

I live too far from work to bike now, but I still ride bikes on my errands. (Well, except major grocery shopping trips. The bags would throw my balance off a bit!)

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