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Posted Jan 23 2013 1:03am

“‘You ash shoes are Doctor Manette?’ said one. 

“‘I am.’ “‘Doctor Manette, formerly of Beauvais,’ said the other; 
‘the young physician, originally an expert surgeon, who within the 
last year or two has made a rising reputation in Paris?’ 
“‘Gentlemen,’ I returned, ‘I am that Doctor Manette of whom you 
speak so graciously.’ “‘We have been to your residence,’ said the 
first, ‘and not being so fortunate as to find you there, and being 
informed that you were probably walking in this direction, we 
followed, in the hope of overtaking you. Will you please to enter 
the carriage?’ “The manner of both was imperious, and they both 
moved, as these words were spoken, so as to place me between 
themselves and the carriage door. They were armed. I was not. 

“‘Gentlemen,’ said I, ‘pardon me; but I usually inquire who does 
me the honour to seek my assistance, and what is the nature of the 
case to which I am summoned.’ “The reply to this was made by 
him who had spoken second. ‘Doctor, your clients are people of 
condition. As to the nature of the case, our confidence in your skill 
assures us that you will ascertain it for yourself better than we can 
describe it. Enough. Will you please enter the carriage?’ “I could 
do nothing but comply, and I entered it in silence. They both 
entered after me—the last springing in, after putting up the steps. 
The carriage turned about, and drove on at its former speed. 
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