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or based nike huarache uk on the historical experience of the white nation

Posted Mar 11 2013 8:31am
But substitutions do not change horses, running into the stereotypes the organizing principle of the political and economic, the social basis of the way of life of all members of society, the general thinking of the intellectuals logic, ethics and values, and so on, but as secure as ever, did not move . Since the foundation stands unwavering, the superstructure of society, even if we have a dramatic change, but also remain the same. Then reduce the scope of it. "Three cardinal guides and the five permanent members" that constrained the social behavior of the people, not only did not move on to the parents' order "the institution of marriage, the Dishu the polygamist customs cohabitation, Funeral old ritual mourning nike lunareclipse 2 sale for three years", "three obtain Guests imperial examinations, almost also obscure classical, the Cource Seven Classical song, singing and dancing in the performing arts, Ink-based traditional Chinese painting, the monotony of the religious sculpture ... even the pain of the bound feet bound feet, which a not the millennium change it?

Way of life, not to say that society does not progress. In fact, two thousand years, the development of science and technology, there are at least a thousand years "East Eats West". China's four great inventions "Needless to say, surgical and medical skills, porcelain, silk reeling, shipbuilding, etc., until the modern pre, China is leading the world. But the progress of science and technology, and lifestyle changes are complementary to each other. Speculate from common sense, or based nike huarache uk on the historical experience of the white nation, the technological evolution will inevitably lead to productivity increments; rising productivity, and is bound to cause changes in the way of social life. Resulting in a "capitalist".
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