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Posted Nov 16 2012 6:22am
We have strict guidelines on the decorations permitted on our wards but Beats By Dre NBA it appears that Healer Strout, busy over the Christmas period, overlooked the dangers of the plant on Mr. Bode's bedside table. As his speech and mobility improved, Healer Strout encouraged Mr. Bode to look after the plant himself, unaware that it was not an innocent Flitterbloom, but a cutting of Devil's Snare which, when touched by the convalescent Mr. Bode, throttled him instantly.

‘St. Mungo's is as yet unable to account for the presence of the plant on the ward and asks any witch or wizard with information to come forward.’

‘Bode ...’ said Ron. ‘Bode.It rings a bell ...’

‘We saw him,’ Hermione whispered. ‘In St. Mungo's, remember? He was in the bed opposite Lockhart's, just lying there, staring at the ceiling. And we saw the Devil's Snare arrive. She—the Healer—said it was a Christmas present.’

Harry looked back at the story. A feeling of horror was rising like bile in his throat.

‘How come we didn't recognise Devil's Snare? We've seen it before ... we could've stopped this from happening.’
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