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Nude Tourists! Cycling Gear

Posted by Dmitriy P.

What do you get when two Austrians and a German decide to go cycling in Serbia (when the temperature is above 100 degrees)? Answer: a $150 fine each, for disrupting public peace and order for cycling in the nude.

When I ran across this news story a couple of days ago, the first thing that ran through my mind was for $150, they could have bought some pretty nice cycling gear (that could have kept them cool as well).

Do you know of any cycling attire that does a particularly good job at keeping you cool on those hot summer days? Update

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While cycling, or doing any other form of exercise, I usually opt for cotton because the clothes have pores that allow the passage of air. About the story, well, i get the point about the gear - but it must be something else to cycle like that in the nude. It seemed like they were having fun as well.
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