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News:Uruguay Soccer Jersey career course: 16-year-old Liuyang Hamburg battle Chelsea lore fame

Posted Mar 01 2013 1:03am

South Korean striker Sun Xingmin born in 1992, and now has only 20 years old only, but Hamburg striker has become one of European football's hottest star. His young age into South Korea's FC Seoul youth camp in 2008 as Korea's best six for training young players, Sun Xingmin travel to Germany and joined the Hamburg team. The opportunity to take advantage of the Premiership giants Chelsea in Hamburg, Sun Xingmin GOAL, and gradually became the absolute main team. This season as the team's main winger, Sun Xingmin has scored nine goals, he was called "Korea Gade - Muller", including Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and other teams has caused the interest. Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of sheets) not found Image Sports Photo Center | View Atlas | (/ 19) forwarded to the microblogging youth team: killer young prodigy from Korea to the Giants would emerge in Hamburg Sun Xingmin growth thanks to the open-door policy of the Korea Football Association. Young Sun Xingmin will be trained in the youth team of Uruguay Soccer Jersey FC Seoul in 2008 as part of the cooperation projects in South Korea and the German Football Association, went to Germany. A total of six players get the opportunity, three of whom joined the Hamburg, the other three joined Nuremberg. The age of 16 came to Germany, a small Sun Xingmin very suited to, he had to miss the home of kimchi in Korea. Sun Xingmin own favorite: pickles in Germany simply can not buy, must rely on the family's mailing Caixing. The 2010 Sun Xingmin fame. Just 1 July and signed a professional contract with the club after the World Cup "hangover" Hamburg coach Armin Veh had to give the teenager some playing opportunities, not this upset actually the team unearthed a talent . August warm-up match against Chelsea Sun Xingmin moment of fame, he was 87 minutes to go past Carvalho broke GOAL. "Kaiser" Franz Beckenbauer is referred to as "Korea's Gade - Muller. So far, only six Korean prodigy "Sun Xingmin kicked out of the Bundesliga gradually fell to the Japanese players, Cheap DE ROSSI Shirts he is also one of the few Korean representatives. Adult team: the Bundesliga first show goals selected for the national team in 2010, the summer warm-up match, Sun Xingmin the Hamburg squad was the most outstanding players, nine-game warm-up game Sun Xingmin scored nine goals, the team's top scorer. Hamburg squad, this super striker Ruud van Nistelrooy Sun Xingmin, which is an important reason for the rapid growth of It is reported that training in Sun Xingmin liked exchanges and Ruud van Nistelrooy, the Dutch are also very optimistic about the development prospects of the teenager. Just be a team player in the summer Sun Xingmin, also by virtue of their performance immediately won a new contract in Hamburg, November 4, 2010, in Hamburg and Sun Xingmin immediately to renew the original contract to expire in 2012, teenager, renewal to 2014. Sun Xingmin excellent play warm-up match after suddenly disappeared from the scene, this is because of the injuries he suffered in the warm-up match blow metatarsal fracture. The teenager's performance coach Armin Veh see in the eyes, the Hamburg coach repeatedly praised as young as 18-year-old Sun Xingmin career even more than the 30-year-old players must. October 30, 2010, in Hamburg away 2-3 loss to the Sun Xingmin ushered in the first show of its own Bundesliga Cologne game, he scored a wonderful goal. By virtue of the play in the Bundesliga the Sun Xingmin at the end of 2010 was named the South Korean national team, the national team debut in a friendly match against Syria on December 30. This season: the absolute main Hamburg cited giants to compete this season, The Sun Xingmin officially became the absolute main Hamburg, he also completed a leap from potential new "to" Nova ". This season, the Sun Xingmin behalf Hamburg scored nine goals, most of the time as a winger he became the team's second shooter. The 鲁德涅夫斯, van der Vaart's frontcourt combos, he became a key to success in Hamburg, while defending champion Borussia Dortmund in the two rounds of the contest, the Sun Xingmin twice scored twice to help Hamburg double play defending champion. Now Hamburger in Bundesliga first six, once sinking German giants made the best record in recent years, with Sun Xingmin excellent play are not unrelated. Sun Xingmin excellent play, he became one of European football's hottest star. Fink's men in good tune new Marshal Sun Xingmin significant progress, most goals Asian players in the Bundesliga, he would earn back the face for the Korean players. News, now including Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and other teams of its intention to Sky Sports in the UK is £ 18 million price tag for the Sun Xingmin and predict South Korean teenager can reach the level of 50 million pounds worth in the future. The Hamburg and Sun Xingmin contract to expire in 2014, this summer, the team is bound to fully leave Korea Nova. The the attached Sun Xingmin career history: the youth team in 2008 Seoul FC2008-2010 Hamburg adult team 2010-2011 season, 13 games, 3 goals 2011-2012 season in Hamburg, Hamburg, 19 games, 5 goals 2012-2013 season Hamburg 22 games 9-ball

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