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New DIY patch kit

Posted May 03 2011 9:36pm
New stuff

New order came in from Rivendell Bicycle Works. Small order....and not everything I ordered is pictured and not every thing pictured came in the order. How's that for a Grant-ism?

A few weeks back I was browsing through the odds and ends on the Riv site. I came across the tube of vulcanizing cement pictured above. It's the orange tube. To the immediate right is a dried out tube of cement from one of my many patch kits. I have many more dried out tubes just like it. Riv sells this bigger tube that will more than likely still have cement in it when you really need. Like back in April when I punctured a tube while putting a tire back on the rim when changing out the studded tires. I couldn't find a tube of cement that wasn't dried out and ended up using a new tube rather than doing a simple patch job.

Just to the north of the cement tubes is my new DIY patch kit.It's a plastic pill bottle. I stuffed in patches from two different patch kits that had dried out cement tubes, that little piece of sandpaper to roughen up the tube being repaired and the new super-sized tube of cement. Perfect size and it will protect it's contents very well I suspect.

On the left is a package of nylon tire levers with a steel core from Rivendell. I occasionally snap the pure nylon tire levers in half when wrestling with a tire that has a stiff bead. A few years back I bought some alloy tires levers from Velo ORANGE . They worked, but they also put divots in the rim. Now the steel core ones from Riv are a brilliant merger of the two types. When I took my current tire levers out of my panniers, I discovered they are identical in size and shape to the new steel core Riv's. In the red case is two new Riv steel core levers and one of the nylon levers I already have. Sweet!

I saw on the Riv site the coin purse you see above. I never thought I'd buy a coin purse. But when I started thinking about it, one thing I discover after I get back from a day or two or week of bike camping is loose change at the bottom of several different panniers. It tends to collect and at the bottom, not to be seen again until the trip is over. If I had a designated place for loose change, say a change purse, then I might get in the habit of putting all my loose change in it. Heck, I might even pull it out and spend some of that change along the way. Brillaint!

The two items above the change purse in the picture is a Phil Wood Bottom Bracket cup tool and a cable hanger for a 1" threaded fork. My Ellis has a Phil Wood BB. I wanted to adjust the chain line a little (you can do that with a Phil BB) and asked my LBS if they could order me a BB tool. The reply was, "Oh just bring it in, we can do that for you". That's not what I was asking. I know they could do it for me. And I'd have to wait three days to get my bike back and pay labor. I wanted to do it myself. So I ordered it myself as well. The cable hanger is for my Blue Truck/Xtracycle. The current hanger was a parts bin hanger from the LBS at the time of the Xtracycle build. It's hard to explain, but the way it fits I can't adjust the headset with it on. The new hanger will correct that. And for the first time since 2007 I'll be able to actually have the headset correctly adjusted and it won't loosen up on me every 25 miles. Yeah!

Yesterday we had more snow and sleet and temps in the 30's. Today it started to warm up and was a beautiful clear, crisp day with little wind. It got all the way up to 55F/13C. It was a joy to be out on the bike before and after work.
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