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morning-after pills for 'cross?

Posted Nov 09 2009 10:01pm
I would love for someone to invent a morning-after pill that takes away the effects of a really bad 'cross race.

This morning I am sore and achy all over like you would not believe. I feel like I got hit with a million Matchbox-sized Mack trucks, like a Mack truck repeater rifle. My lower back hurts, my hands hurt (remember, my mountain bike has no shocks), my neck hurts.

(...I forgot to mention that when I woke up yesterday, I stretched in bed and suddenly got a ferocious little kink in my neck. I had to apply some Salonpas patches to the area after Sweetie massaged it, and they stayed on all day till I came home. That couldn't have been the cause of my bad day. Could it? Naaaaah.)
I just feel like utter dogflarb.

And oh yeah, my gut is muttering, too, the way it does before a flare-up. Rats.

I may take the bus today, even though it will take me forever to get to work compared to how long it takes by bicycle. I'm just not really excited about riding to work. And that's hard, because my daily commute is something I usually look forward to every day.

Waaaaaaaah. (I'd stamp my foot, too; but I'm too beat.)

Update: most women don't talk about this, and it's silly because it's a part of life for the, ahem, "distaff" side. But my cycle kicked into high gear this morning and, well, that would definitely explain why my energy suddenly packed up and left town ten minutes into yesterday's race. The day before my cycle starts, my energy level ALWAYS goes up, down and sideways; and if I'm distracted (say, by racing or something) then I'm not paying attention to that. It's also probably why my tummy is going all IBD-crap on me today.

Oh well. Live and learn. I'll admit that now that I've figured things out, I'm a little amazed I actually completed one lap on that insane course. I feel a little better, and while I'm still really bummed that I couldn't finish, I'm not beating myself up over it anymore.

Meanwhile, I have scored a ride to Barton Park (thanks to the lovely folks at Team Motordome), and believe it or not I am actually looking forward to my last Cross Crusade race this fall. Crazy.

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