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Milestones: 8 years car free commuting, 29 months of riding to work everyday.

Posted Jul 19 2010 7:16pm
Eight years ago this month I sold my truck. I've been without a motorized vehicle ever since. My bicycle commuting days, post college, reach back to 1992. Eighteen years ago. I was living in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area and got the bug to start trying alternative ways to get around. By the time 2002 came around I was ready for the next step. The truck sale was huge at the time and very scary. Now...I can't remember why I needed a vehicle, or why I would want one.


At first I combined bicycling, walking, and riding the bus. Eventually I discovered my preferred method of commuting was by bike. So much so that I've gone 29 months solid riding my bicycle to work....EVERYDAY. Summer and winter and everything in between. Okay, it's really only 16 months. Sixteen months ago is when I came back from my accident. The accident that had me home from work for six weeks after surgery, followed by three months of physical therapy. Prior to the accident I had a 13 month streak going. Take out the time I was laid up and it's 29 weeks.

To be honest, it's not even a see how many consecutive work days I can ride my bike to work. It just happens because riding my bicycle to work is what I love the most. I've said it before. I don't look at the weather and try to decide if I'm going to ride my bike to work or not. I look at the weather and then decide which bike I'm riding and what would be the best clothing for the conditions.

Do you want to ride your bike to work everyday? What's my advice on how to motivate yourself? Sell your car!! Eliminate that option all together. Amazing what it will do to your number of bike commuting days. I know, I know, you all have excuses. So keep your car. I wasn't serious.
Here's another perk on my personal bike commute. I can pull over and take in this view of a Great Lakes freighter entering the shipping canal on a beautiful warm morning with a calm Lake Superior and the Wisconsin shoreline in the distance.

And a side note: I did a post recently about bringing raspberry bushes home by Xtracycle three years ago. Those bushes are exploding with fruit the past few days. This is one days worth of berries. I'm in berry heaven.
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