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Posted Dec 05 2012 6:55am
Str. Yes, my friend, and about clarisonic mia 2 outlet a good many other things. In a
word, is not the art of disputation a power of disputing about all

Theaet. Certainly; there does not seem to be much which is 
left out.

Str. But oh! my dear youth, do you suppose this possible? for
perhaps your young eyes may see things which to our duller sight do
not appear.

Theaet. To what are you alluding? I do not think that I understand
your present question.

Str. I ask whether anybody can understand all things.

Theaet. Happy would mankind be if such a thing were possible!

Soc. But how can any one who is ignorant dispute in a rational
manner against him who knows?

Theaet. He cannot.

Str. Then why has the sophistical art such a mysterious power?

Theaet. To what do you refer?

Str. How do the Sophists make young men believe in their 
supreme and universal wisdom? For if they neither disputed nor were thought to dispute rightly, or being thought to do so were deemed no wiser for their controversial skill, then, to quote your own 
observation, no one would give them money or be willing to learn their art.

Theaet. They certainly would not.

Str. But they are willing.

Theaet. Yes, they are.

Str. Yes, and the reason, as I should imagine, is that they are
supposed to have knowledge of those things about which they dispute?

Theaet. Certainly.

Str. And they dispute about all things?

Theaet. True.

Str. And therefore, to their disciples, they appear to be all-wise?

Theaet. Certainly.

Str. But they are not; for that was shown to be impossible.

Theaet. Impossible, of course.

Str. Then the Sophist has been shown to have a sort of conjectural
or apparent knowledge only of all things, which is not the truth?

Theaet. Exactly; no better description of him could be given.

Str. Let us now take an illustration, which will still more
clearly explain his nature.
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