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Listen to more than can solve the problem

Posted Oct 06 2012 6:13am
The American auto sales of WangQiao gillard had a profound experience. Once, a celebrity to his car, he recommended a best models give him. The man in the car is very satisfied, and take out ten thousand dollars in cash, see will clinch a deal, the other party suddenly backpedal and go. Joe for it upset one afternoon, scratching their heads. In the evening at eleven o 'clock he couldn't help to <a href="">Toms New Arrivals</a> call that person: "how do you do! I'm Joe girard, this afternoon I have to introduce a new car, see you will buy, but suddenly walk." "Hey, you know what time it is?"
"I'm very sorry, I know it is eleven o 'clock at night, but I review a afternoon, really can not imagine the oneself is wrong where, so specially make a phone call to your advice." "Really?"
"Good! You work hard on the listen to speak to me?"
"Yes, very attentively."
"But this afternoon, you don't have a listening to speak to me. Just before you sign, I mentioned son Jimmy is about to enter university of Michigan read medical, I also said son academic performance, sports ability and his future ambition, I very proud of him, but you have no response."
Joe can't remember each other once said these things, because he had no attention. Joe think have settled the business, he not only centerless listen to each other and say what, and listening to office another salesman to tell jokes.
This is Joe failure reason: the man in addition to buying a car, more need to get for a good son's praise. Joe girard just not "stand in the other side's position thinking and action". He just took it for granted that "have done".
To communicate with people, we often eager to express themselves, and ignore the patient to listen, this is actually a very wrong understanding, listen to is also a kind of knowledge, it is also important and expression. Successful listener, listening while standing on the opposite party standpoint considered the question, so he to grasp more comprehensive, more thorough.

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