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Late Summer Recap -- Cowbell Marathon

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
So I went MIA for the tail-end of the summer prior to Leadville...  here's part of the short recap of things between the ADA Tour de Cure ride in central NC until leaving for Colorado in August.

Cowbell Marathon
On June 20th, Liz and I went to Davidson, NC for the 12th Annual Cowbell Challenge 50-mile mtb marathon.  Tony couldn't make it to the race this year, which had me kind of bummed considering I've never run Cowbell and had been looking forward to another race with him at that point in the season.  T knows Cowbell well and I always learn and enjoy races when we run together.  Found out Brent Lester would be there though -- Brent & I met during the NCCX Winter Cup races at the beginning of the year -- and we always have a good time @ races.

The race starts in downtown, takes some greenways and roads out to Fisher Farm where it goes for 6 laps, totalling close to 56 miles.  I ran Open Pro for the first time... partly to see how fast the "big boys" run and to see how my nerves & bg's would handle the additional excitement and pressure -- testing the "race regime" to see if I still had a handle on the adrenaline spike issue.  The previous day and morning of the race my bg's had been running a bit high... 140-185... consistently and I couldn't put my finger on why.  Now as bg readings during a race, I'd love these.  But for non-race "at home" numbers they show something is "off".

To make it short... At the gun it was a "put the hammer down" sprint style and of course I fell into the "rookie" trap of not running my race, but trying to keep pace.  Needless to say, as we approached Fisher I could tell my bg was high.  A quick check -- bg of 290ish.  So now knowing I wouldn't be able to run with an efficient engine, it was time to see WHAT managment steps could be taken to bring it back if anything... I mean worst case, I'd have to bail so wanted to see if I could learn something from it.  (Note: I've had these adren events before in races... first one of note was Leadville 07... and I've worked to figure them out since.)

Rolled a moderate aerobic first lap and hydrated as hard as I could, both to help with the added dehyration from the high bg and because of the heat... it was the hottest weekend of the summer!  Bg at the end of Lap 1 was ballpark 185ish.  Lap 2 was much better with the bg's back in more of a "race range", but I still didn't feel great. 

A quick bg check was 130ish. Lap 3 I felt like I was carrying a ton of bricks, so I stopped and checked... bg was 150ish.  At the end of the lap I was battling nausea and dehydration.  Thermometer at the start/finish line was reading 104 and with the humidity the heat index was close to 112.  I checked my bg and it was below 75. 

All I could think was "d#$%"...  I decided to take a break to see if I could hydrate and what my bg was doing.  I didn't want to eat much, so only had a 15g snack.Not long after I finished Lap 3, Harland won the pro class finishing his 6 laps in just over 4 hours. 

I still had time for another lap.  When I checked my bg again it was over 200... in just 20 min's!  What the h#$%!!!  Now I was mad.  But, being "smart" about being an athlete w/ diabetes, I bagged my race.  Within an hour my bg was back down below 75 and thirty min's after that back over 200... all without good reasons.  It was one of those days. 

We stuck around for Brent to finish his race and he ended up with a podium in the sport class.  Here's a pic Liz got of his last lap.

I ended up 12th and wasn't last, so even with a bad day it wasn't a terrible result.  If I could've finished 1 more lap I could've had a top 10. Needed some rest, rehydration, food... I knew something was up with me physically that I couldn't put my finger on it.  Liz was worried... don't know what I'd do without her always there supporting me.  If at all possible I wanted to run the Cowbell Kenda XC race the next day. Decided I'd make the call the next morning...
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