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Late Summer Recap (continued) -- Cowbell Kenda XC race

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
So I went MIA for the end of the summer prior to Leadville... here's part of the short recap between ADA Tour de Cure and leaving for Colorado in August.

Cowbell Kenda XC
So when I woke up on Sunday June 21, I wasn't sure what the day held.  The day before had been the Cowbell marathon and I'd had an all but bust of a day... a big adrenal bg spike at the start of the race followed by yo-yo bg the rest of the day that weren't following normal responses to insulin and carb factors in the equation.  It was also hard fighting the heat and dehydration; other factors in the equation.  After a couple of hours post-race, everything had calmed down and with some concerted effort I had a great refueling meal and rehydrated well.  Tony checked in on me... we were both puzzled overall. 

My bg reading when I awoke on Sunday was 86 and I felt "like me".  I talked it over with Liz and knew that the xc race would only be about an hour.  Figured I could at least handle that.  Plus, I wanted to see how I could do running full throttle for a sprint effort and see if I would get the same adrenal bg response. 

I knew it would be a fast race.  Having done the marathon, I now knew what the course looked like and we were told some of the most challenging technical elements would be bypassed.  For kicks, I opted not to ride the HiFi 29er but instead roll on Liz's Fisher X-Caliber 29er hardtail. 

It was a fast start again and I made my way up to the leading group around 4th-5th as we went through the winding flats in the woods.  As we went through a slick section an older gentleman slid and clipped my front wheel a bit.  I went down but avoided running over him or being hit by anyone behind me.  By the time I got situated and pedalling again I was mid-pack around 10th or 11th. 

Knowing I only had about 4 miles to go, I just decided to put it out there.  If I was high or low afterwards, I would deal with it... right now I felt GREAT and wanted a better performance than yesterday!  The rest of the race is a blur, though I can vividly remember the various parts of the course and how hard I was going in my 4 mile time trial. 

By the next to last climb I was running 6th and could see the guy in 5th walking up the hill so I pulled a CX effort and ran up the toughest part, hopped back on the bike and took off.  Caught and passed him to finish 5th for the race... happy.

Brent Lester was back again that day too for the XC and he ended up on the podium.  Great weekend results for him... Nice job B!

Following Cowbell... I felt tired but pretty good the rest of that day.  Bg's were good all Sunday & I hadn't seen any adrenal spike.  The next two though I ran a low grade fever and had to up my basal rates to keep my bg's in the 130-140 range.  I believe that's what I was "seeing" on Saturday's race... the precursor signs of being ill... and I didn't recognize them, just compounded the issues that day.  Probably wasn't a great idea to have raced the xc on Sunday, but there weren't any significant signs that day.  Glad I didn't exacerbate things by racing that second day and that things ended up working out well.  Welcome to the world of diabetes!
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