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Last bicycle commute of the year was the nastiest commute of the year.

Posted Dec 30 2010 6:51pm

Today was the last work day of the year for me. As usual I biked to work. It had to be the worst possible conditions I've ridden in all year. A warm front gave us thirty-five degree temperatures, dense fog and heavy rain at times. Normally that's just uncomfortable. The fact we still had some ice and packed snow on the streets made it incredibly difficult. Often during my ride I couldn't tell if the pavement under me was wet or icy. This is a commute I would never attempt without good studded tires, and lots of lights and reflective material. I'm also not sure I'd try it if I had to ride on streets with heavy traffic. Traffic is light this week, anyway, since we're in between holidays. And nobody seems to want to drive twisty, curvy, bumpy Skyline Parkway in this kind of weather. I can count with no more the the fingers on both hands how many people passed me while I was on Skyline today. That's 6 miles worth of my commute.

During the day the heavier rain moved in. I was dreading the ride home. But like most other times in these type of conditions, once I got out there I was fine. I tend to over dress slightly in these conditions. On purpose. I plan to get wet. The extra clothing, even when damp, tends to insulate and keep out the chill.

With today's bicycle commute, I successfully commuted to work by bicycle 100% of my work days in 2010. It has brought my streak to just over 21 months of commuting to work by bike every single work day.

My total mileage for the year was 5,548 miles. I was on track for a 6,000 mile year until the second week in November. Since that week, it's been one thing after another conspiring to keep me off the bike for anything other than my daily commute. Not a 7 or 8,000 mile year like I was doing a few years ago, but not a bad year by any means.
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