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Keep happy

Posted Oct 11 2012 6:51am
Humans have complex brain, so we can think; Because we will be thinking, so we will have trouble, husband and wife lost, will have the joy and pain.
Happy and unhappy, roots in our hearts. As long as our hearts are not happy, you will feel the world everyone negative me, But as long as I am happy, this world will be because I and beautiful, bright.
Happiness never depends on the material conditions of good and bad, do not have money depends on more with less, and depends on how we go to see problems, see the world, also is we use what kind of world outlook to know the world.
An optimist always is being <a href="">Toms New Arrivals</a> able to see the sky clears, and can enjoy the sunshine rain and dew, the moonlight bath life, these will be on his power, and his eyes to overcome difficulties of energy.
Pessimistic person on the contrary, these people are always amplification problems, enlarge the dark side of society, amplification themselves negative things, so that in his heart, always holds will always be difficult and negative, will always be the problem and failure, in the face of successful courage is insufficient, overcome the difficulties should be.
Recently saw a report, said is a man be cheat money want to commit suicide, look after I think this man is not optimistic. If he is a man of optimism, the will to think, this being cheated out of so much money, but my time but less a liar, the fact the church I met them, really is so lucky, be a lesson to buy it.
Ancient have TaoQian "often the article can", the "put his ideas into in nanyang, good for beam mammal to sing", tried to ten million times of failures Edison; And today, we reform and open policy the designer comrade deng xiaoping, but after three within three fall the ups and downs, but if they heart not optimistic insist, no eternal direction, they also can become the historical giant? Will also leave a fang?
As long as we have a happy heart, an optimistic mood, this world will be because I and beautiful.
Stand in the sun, I am the sun!

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