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Just a girl on a bike

Posted Apr 20 2012 5:30pm
Just a happy, out-of-work girl on a bike with a funny little dog.
In recent posts I've alluded to stress and change in our life.  We would like to include hope but at the moment, we are facing some unknowns.  A few weeks back I resigned my job, something I should have done a long time ago but didn't because I wanted to retain my health insurance rather than shell out the dollars to be on Bob's plan.  I quit my job because I know that better things await us but we won't get to them if I continue in a dead end position.  So after weighing the possibility for almost a year, I've decided to go back to school this fall and pursue a Masters Degree in Social Work, returning to a career that I left 10 years ago.  I've been accepted at one program and am awaiting news from another.  In order to facilitate the decision, we decided to follow through with the tough decision to short sell our house (because that's about all you can do in Arizona; not that homeowners in California, Nevada or Florida are unfamiliar with this sad state of affairs) so that we can be more ready to respond to whatever the next few months bring.  More than likely, once school starts we'll have to live apart during the week and see each the other on the weekends and holidays.  Not our preference but a lot of things have happened in the last few years that weren't on our Top 10 list.  We push forward, taking one day at a time and reminding ourselves that we have a lot of company and probably more options than quite a few in this age of the Great Recession.

Favorite bike parking on Phoenix Avenue.  It's April and not a green leaf in sight.
Someone asked me the other night what I did.  "Right now, I'm just a girl on a bike," I said with a wry smile and a little sigh.  That's not so bad.  Twice this week I met Bob for happy hour downtown and we biked home together under the stars.

BSH bike corral and sign is the perfect marriage of form and function.
One afternoon, I met up with Ted at Bike Shop Hub to pick up some bike accessories, a wheel stabilizer and a double pronged kickstand for the Breezer, that he'd ordered for me, as well as admire the handsome porteur rack he recently installed on his beater bike.  A nice way to kill a mid afternoon hour, if I do say so.  In between, I did some here-and-there pedaling, checking out the progress of the landscaping at the shipping container house and dropping in on a local merchant to inquire about an idea for a blog post featuring her shop.  As I write this post, I've even penciled in a Democratic women's luncheon to hear the two mayoral candidates speak.  I'll bike there and enjoy a guilt-free fish taco plate.

Pretty sure that Bob and I would be happy in a shipping container house (on a light rail route, of course).
So, for the moment, I'm going to say goodbye to stress and hello (again) to hope and change.  Not sure where I'll be attending school this fall but in both cases I'm excited that I'll be able to combine biking and public transit to get around.  In either city, we have family and friends who will certainly get me up to speed on all the best routes.  Obviously, my plans will have a big impact on the content of She Rides a Bike, since both schools are in large urban centers (with rail!).  Thinking about how SRaB will evolve in the next year excites me almost as much as the idea of returning to school (just a few months short of my 50th birthday, too!).  Until then, bear with me.  Posts have been spotty of late, and this has been the reason.
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