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Jane Eyre 91

Posted Jan 17 2013 6:24am
hair? Red hair, ma’am, cheap clarisonic mia curled—curled all over?” And extending 
his cane he pointed to the awful object, his hand shaking as he did 

“It is Julia Severn,” replied Miss Temple, very quietly. 

“Julia Severn, ma’am! And why has she, or any other, curled 
hair? Why, in defiance of every precept and principle of this 
house, does she conform to the world so openly—here in an 
evangelical, charitable establishment—as to wear her hair one 
mass of curls?” 

“Julia’s hair curls naturally,” returned Miss Temple, still more 

“Naturally! Yes, but we are not to conform to nature; I wish 
these girls to be the children of Grace: and why that abundance? I 
have again and again intimated that I desire the hair to be 
arranged closely, modestly, plainly. Miss Temple, that girl’s hair 
must be cut off entirely; I will send a barber to-morrow: and I see 
others who have far too much of the excrescence—that tall girl, 
tell her to turn round. Tell all the first form to rise up and direct 
their faces to the wall.” 

Miss Temple passed her handkerchief over her lips, as if to 
smooth away the involuntary smile that curled them; she gave the 
order, however, and when the first class could take in what was 
required of them, they obeyed. Leaning a little back on my bench, 
I could see the looks and grimaces with which they commented on 
this manoeuvre: it was a pity Mr. Brocklehurst could not see them 
too; he would perhaps have felt that, whatever he might do with 
the outside of the cup and platter, the inside was further beyond 
his interference than he imagined. 

He scrutinised the reverse of these living medals some five 

Charlotte Bront. ElecBook Classics 
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