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It's useful for diet?

Posted Feb 28 2014 7:36am
1.Do you really obese?

Prior to lose weight we must first calculate their standard weight, to know that he is not really overweight, fat people say you are not fat, or they feel fat is fat. Standard weight (kg) = height (cm) -105 For example: a person height 175cm, he should be the standard weight 175-105 = 70kg count value in the standard weight of about 5 or less are considered normal weight.

2.What is meant by the right to lose weight reduction?

The main substance of the body weight is water, bones, organs, muscle and fat. Fat is the body stores excess energy, it refers to the right to reduce fat weight loss, rather than the other.

Every time when we eat food, the body begins to use less energy temporarily stored to prepare for fasting use. If you save more energy, and consume less, then each of the remaining energy will be stored by the body long-term, as more and more storage, the body becomes fat.

Why do people say the first widely used method of dieting to lose weight . Because most people know that obesity is eating , and total energy intake and more ; There is dieting to lose weight is simple and feasible , on their own willpower can quickly achieve the desired effect .
Then talk about the diet is good . That is starvation diet to lose weight by providing energy to the body than usual to eat less food , total energy intake is controlled . When people eat less when the amount of energy consumed enough food to provide , so we will not be saved. No stored energy , the energy in fasting and hunger when consumed , will break down the muscle glycogen and protein to provide energy . While at the same time will take away muscle breakdown muscle in the water, under normal circumstances, every 1 kg of muscle decomposition will take away almost 4 pounds of water, which is minus 5 pounds of body weight . That is why the effect of diet obvious reasons . And it fat , the body fat excretion without direct channel, which must be oxidized to carbon dioxide from the lungs to the call out and stored body fat as energy utilized by them is very slow .
Summary: through diet is to lose weight quickly , but most of the body to lose water and muscle , not fat. Doing so is harmful to the body , often causing physical body immunity, so weak , anorexia , malnutrition, such as calcium and iron .
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