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It's a great time of year to be a bicycle commuter

Posted Sep 28 2010 6:00pm
My commute usually starts with a 1.5 mile climb up to Skyline Parkway. When I do that I'm headed in the wrong direction to get to work. It adds over a mile to my morning commute. I started going that way when I got the fixed gear years back. It's a longer climb, but not as steep. When I'm running late I take a shorter route and climb up to Skyline after two miles of flat that run in the direction I need to go. One of my favorite climbs is along Miller Creek in Lincoln Park. It's this little narrow strip of wild space running up the side of the Duluth hillside amongst a dense urban area. One thing you don't get from the picture above is the sound of the creek just off to the right as it cascades down the ridge.
Even with the thick cloud cover, the fall colors that are nearing their peak, still look great.
I love this little climb. It's about 1 mile long.

I dismounted and ran 20 yards down a trail to the creek to snap a few photos. When we first moved to Duluth in 2001 we rented a house across the street from this spot.
I spent quite a bit of time listening to this creek when we lived close by. It absolutely roars during the spring melt and after heavy rainfalls.

Ever since the end of June I've upped my monthly mileage by taking the long way home most days. I wanted to be in good shape for snowbiking come winter. Most days I tend to head east after work. I live west. That way I can't cut it short. I'll head out east and then bring the Lakewalk Trail back into the center of town.

I stopped to snap this photo and Jeff came along on his bicycle commute home. Funny thing. It's the fourth time I've run into him in the last week. Previous to this week I think I only ran into him once all year. Hmmm?

Anyway. The temperatures have been to my liking lately. I don't like hot weather. I think I'm the most happiest when the temps are in the 40', 50's, and 60's. Today the morning commute was warmer than the afternoon, 54/51. A lake breeze will do that.
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