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It always amazes me...

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
I've always found it a bit interesting...  Many people believe that diabetic athletes have such good routines and regimes that we never have issues with our blood glucose control.  It may surprise you, but never forget... we are diabetic too!

We push our bodies, train for our respective events and disciplines, and often play with many of the best, sometimes having really spectacular days!  But a great deal of success hinges on experience and attention to details.  Many put great effort into testing bg's via fingersticks much more than the suggested 6-8 times per day.  Some are using cgms to help (this topic could be an entry all by itself!). 

And yet, no matter how much effort is made... everyone still has rough days -- days when bg's seem to stay low, and days when they are above normal.  It can be a hard thing to figure out "why" exactly... the body is a very complicated system with many internal and external factors effecting "how the engine runs". 

Two big suggestions that I & many friends convey:

1- When you make the effort to test, don't just get the reading for nothing.  Think about why the reading is what it is?  What caused it to be that number?  See if you can put your finger on "why"...  Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't.  But you need to THINK about the reading to learn to respond appropriately and have improving success with your regime.

2- A bg reading is not "good" or "bad"... it's a number, with no connotation.  What caused the resulting number may be good or bad, perfect or poor choice... but the number is not anything but information.  DO NOT FALL INTO THE HABIT OF NOT TESTING for fear of seeing the number.  You need to know.  Until you know, you can't begin the process of addressing or changing anything.  No matter what you've done in the past... start anew and go test...

At the end of the day, no matter who anyone is, what they do, where they're from... we are all human and in this together.  Find someone, anyone, that can help you and make the effort!  It may take days, weeks, months, or even years to reach the goal, but in the end the journey is as much the destination as the final result.  Take care --J
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