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Is Mail Delivery Safe After Buy WoW Gold Online ?

Posted Jan 21 2013 2:00am

If you are a  wow gold  buyer, you must know that there are three kinds of delivery methods most online stores provide for customers. Face to face delivery, auction house tranaction, and mail delivery method. In some special circumstances,gamers need to choose mail delivery for their own convenience.  Is mail delivery safe after buy wow gold online ?

Most of the time, mail delivery is not approved by professional online stores like  . There’s no real way to be certain if it’s safe or not. Hundreds of people get away with it, and dozens of people don’t.

A friend of mine bought gold. He was so paranoid about it that he actually had the gold sent to a character on his second account, which he uses mainly for bank mules — then he transferred it himself to the characters on his main account. His rationale was that if a character/account would be banned, hopefully it would just be his secondary account, not he main one where all his high level characters are. He’s never gotten in trouble yet, but it makes him nervous all the same.

Another time, on my server, an account was banned by Blizzard for supposedly buying gold. It turned out he hadn’t, but the character was acting as his guild’s bank. Because of that, he had over 15,000 gold on a single character. To my knowledge he has not yet been able to get the ban removed, even though it was not justified — he lost his account, and the guild lost all their money.

So you kind of just have to be aware that there is a risk. You probably will be fine, but there is no real way to be assured of it.

In fact, mail delivery  is the most convenient way for gold delivery but not a safe way. So after you  buy wow gold  online. If there’s some other delivery methods, like face to face delivery or auction house delivery, remember do not choose mail delivery to make your account at risk.  is the trustworthy store always provide safest face to face delivery method to make sure all customers can get gold safely without getting banned. They have gold stock checking system, once you need gold urgently, just contact them via live-chat support, they’ll tell you the exact gold stock to make sure each order be delivered in time safely.

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