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in a long distance

Posted Oct 11 2012 1:53am
one day, in a long distance machine, the captain in his rest time to run behind want to find a stewardess chat up, and stewardess but just want to look at her magazine.
The captain said: "we play a game." Stewardess sniff.
The captain said: "this game is so play of, I ask you a question, you won't answer, you give me five <a href="">long jacquard bag</a>  dollars, then you ask me a question, I will not answer, I'll give you five dollars. A flight attendant and sniff
The pilot felt very boring, and then increase the chip: "so, you won't answer, you give me five dollars, I won't answer, I'll give you $100."
Stewardess put down the magazine, staring at the captain saw five seconds, then said: "you ask."
The captain said: "747 cruising speed is how much?"
Stewardess thought for a moment, take out 5 dollars to the captain.
Then the captain satisfiedly say: "to you asked"
A flight attendant asked: "three eyes, nose, and six legs and tail of is what?"
The pilot thought for half a day, draw out $100 for a flight attendant, stewardess very easy accepted.
The pilot felt very defy spirit, he ask a way: "the answer exactly is what?"
A flight attendant and take out 5 dollars to the captain, and continue to see her magazine.

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