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I looked at Spike d rose 3 for sale ran to the eastern

Posted Oct 16 2012 7:09am
I drove spacecraft quickly flew to the moon, I'm flying out of the spacecraft touched the surface of the moon, surprised and said: "The original sand you." I suddenly remembered that 56 small turtle on the spacecraft. I quickly brought out carefully on the ground of the moon, for fear they fly away. Suddenly, from the spacecraft ran out of a german shepherd. Oh! I think of it, I bought the land for a dog, let it stay with me, so I'm not alone, I gave it the name "Spike". I looked at Spike d rose 3 for sale ran to the eastern side of the moon, I ran over to Spike mouth piece of meat, I was surprised to say: "stumped here inhabited?" Suddenly a figure uproar about Spike bite meat given away, Spike furious barking cried with Roar. The "stumped aliens?" I said aloud. "Yes, of course." Voice issued from behind a rock. Spike rear foot forced Yi Deng rushed up toward the stone behind. Behind a rock emits a blue light, the Spike frozen, I hasten to say: "I'm sorry alien me to the moon observed, not malicious, you ice it." "Well!" aliens. I saw a fireball launched into ice, slowly put the ice melts. Spike derrick rose 1.0 for sale came running towards me. "Hello, I am the astronaut from Earth." Said affectionately. Alien friendly: "I am pleased to meet you, you Come to my base." "Well!" I replied excitedly. "That Hurry up!" The alien said. We walked to the side of the chat, soon to alien bases space alien bases concave surface of the moon. Alien furniture all piled up with sand. "Your food is what?" I asked surprised. Our alien food is meat. "Aliens said solemnly.I would like to ask the aliens Zenmeyangzuo food when I vaguely heard someone calling me. I rubbed his eyes, and saw my mother was pulling me to go to breakfast too! I say out loud: "The original is a dream Yeah!"
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