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I can smash all the monsters in the inferno fifacoins

Posted Dec 24 2013 5:42am

 To continued farming gold in the vault of assassin, fifacoins I suppose that about 12 hours can up to 60 level. During upgrading, I realized that the summon of Witch Doctor are weakness!


That will be fine! The 1.0.4 Patch is coming! It comes to for the Witch Doctor. The news of enhancing the pet of Witch Doctor makes me exciting for a long time!I have to mention <FONT color=#ff8000>Summon Zombie Dogs</FONT>Zombie Dog survivability has been increased:Now also receive 35% of the player's Maximum LifeImmediately, I entered into the fantasy state: if I killed 50 monsters per hit then I can get 15 Zombie Dogs? 100 monsters = 30 Zombie Dogs? 1000 monsters = 300 Zombie Dogs?


With the giant Witch Doctor army, I can smash all the monsters in the inferno! From that, our Witch Doctor is the king in the Diablo III!After a while, I waked up! Wandering around the forum, I totally realize that I’m innocent! The monsters in inferno are too strong to wipe out them! OK, The 1.0.4 has been released today. Now, let us together to explore the Wonderful place of the new upgrade. I believed that the spring for Witch Doctor is coming!

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