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Hair gets in the way for cyclists, pro and amateur - get rid of it with Kalo

Posted Sep 24 2010 7:43pm
NEW herbal solution to an OLD painful problem - Permanent Hair Removal. Kalo Hair Growth Inhibitor safely and effectively inhibits unwanted body hair from growing back permanently. You will rapidly reduce or permanently eliminate the need for waxing, tweezing, laser or electrolysis again. 
Kalo is great for bodybuilders, cyclists or swimmers 

Kalo is great for Bodybuilders, Swimmers, Cyclists or anyone who wants a great looking hair free body. Kalo is effective on facial hair, back hair, leg hair, even safe for sensitive areas. Kalo is the painless solution for hair removal that is effective for men or women. 
Introduced in early 1997 Kalo was the first product of its kind to be released on the market. Kalo is sold internationally, currently in over 30 countries. Kalo is a true permanent hair removal solution. Kalo does not need to be used for the rest of your life. In fact you don't even need to use "

Instructions for use:
Just apply the soothing lotion or spray after your regular hair removal method whether that is electrolysis, waxing tweezing, laser hair removal etc. Kalo is applied three times the day of the hair removal and three times the next day. There is no need to use Kalo again until the next hair removal session. Each time you use Kalo the hair will come back weaker, finer and slower until the hair is completely gone. Once the hair is gone it is gone! Kalo is effective in reducing or eliminating ingrown hairs and shaving bumps.  
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