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Haddon: the rockets lost two straight too should not team already went to the turning point of life and death

Posted Mar 01 2013 8:57am
"The next game, it is very important for us, it can be said, we have come to the whether can the turning point of the playoffs. We must try to play, seize the current opportunity, can no longer like the last two games, in this opportunity slip. We should be very well end game, play and minutes." After the game, the rockets star haddon think Cheap Air Foamposite One the team now has come to a turning point of life and death. The game, haddon performance is not bad, he and throw in August, and cut down the team's highest 25 points and seven assists and steals. But the team in the final hour off chain, rebound after fort, to get the chance to victory over the opponent. Haddon think the team's recent two straight loss too should not, "we let the fast to victory fly away. At home, we finally lead 6 points, we should find a way to end the game, but in the end, we were making mistakes, in a few aspects of doing is not good enough." Haddon think the team in the first quarter after blowout, played too narrowly and relax, "we deviate from the correct way of playing. We first quarter lead very points, try to do too much, some hand very reluctantly. We have mistakes, they constantly get easily shooting opportunity, this let them back in the game." Perhaps, the rockets' only bright spot is the starting line-up of Lithuania big mo Thai jonas kazlauskas play Penny Hardaway Shoes 26 minutes, 9 throw in 4, scoring 13 points and seven rebounds and five assists, let a person shine at the moment. However, he did not appear in the final time on the pitch in the rotation. Haddon praise mo Thai do well, "he will do a good job, always in the jerk congested, rebound, his passing is also very good. I think with the passage of time, he will feel more comfortable present. Tonight, he did very well." As haddon said, rocket continuous loss to two games against less than 50% in the eastern part of the team, and give them was a wake-up call. Next, the local time Friday guest war magic, back home on Sunday playing Dallas, can afford to lose. The rockets are 31 - and negative, in the west, leading the eighth ninth the lakers' last two and a half. The rudd and Matthews started in the third quarter to hit after three 3-pointers, round 11-4 small high tide let the Portland trail blazers team tied it at 61-62. Method rhett even take four points rate team retaliation Nike Air Foamposite Pro 8-1 small high tide, the nuggets to a 70-62 lead. Batu three points in the's, and then a Slam Dunk, he led the team to score again soon after nearly. After the two teams each part, aldridge's turnaround jumper, lai nade two dunks, the Portland trail blazers team to 6-0 small run to end the quarter, three ZhanBa them to a 82-79 win. Both sides in the final quarter on DuiGongZhan after the start, the rudd a 3-pointer, and the Portland trail blazers team to a 92-89 lead. Method rhett, Lawson and Andre iguodala to 5 points, the nuggets win success. Matthews hit a 3-pointer to one scored five points, the fourth quarter and 4 minutes and 35 seconds the Portland trail blazers team to a 97-96 lead 1 minute. Both teams have to 4 points, Lawson two free throws, then jumper, he leads a team is 6-0 small high tide, the fourth quarter and 1 minute 59 seconds the nuggets to a 106-101 lead 5 points. Matthews of three points, aldridge's turnaround jumper with 33.8 seconds before the end of the trail blazers team switch for 106 flat. Miller basket to break a draw, aldridge turned a jumper, the rudd can only choose Cheap Air Foamposite Pro foul tactics, Lawson two free throws, final 13 seconds when the nuggets to a 110-106 lead. The rudd rob cast a 3-pointer, and the Portland trail blazers team continues to foul, miller two penalty one, the nuggets 111-109 lead two points, the final 2.4 seconds aldridge to rebound called a time-out. Lamarcus aldridge suspended after a jumper, Andre iguodala get rebounds, the nuggets with 2 points out advantages.
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