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Go a day nike blazer low uk filled with hypocrisy world plays a variety of

Posted Dec 28 2012 6:32am
 Go a day  nike blazer low uk filled with hypocrisy world, plays a variety of roles, not been peeled off the masks that cover the soul, why Cupid appears at my side, the moment you walk in My mind has carved looming shadow. Gorgeous words to describe his feelings, but forget that I've lost the reason to love you, the mouth only thrown a bitter smile, silently turned and you move in the opposite direction to leave. I do not know why, I feel that the clouds are also fleeing the blue sky and gentle in the wind places to find their own happy. Hearts invisible Crimping, turned, last nostalgia you back again, but found that you have disappeared in the rush of the crowd, unable to move the footsteps, it can not be pinned eyes prose originality

The former fantasy, nike blazer high uk always thought I could achieve, that you would like the merry-go-round of love can be reversed origin. But that will never turn the Trojans, stop in the trajectory of my love, can not afford to dream eyes cigarette smoke surround that broke our hearts, and only at the time the loss of the night to protect his fragile soul with alcohol paralysis. Memorable screen can not overlap and you smile, the hint of a smile, that kind of love, forever with the the time rut slide distant.I love you, my exclusive memory, whether you are going to retain a share of sweet smile, I will try as smile and laugh, laugh so fun
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