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Posted Dec 26 2012 6:30am
?Solo was busily checking readouts from Moncler Men Shoes gauges and dials in the hold area.Occasionally he would pass a small box across various sensors, study the result, andcluck with pleasure.
??"You can stop worrying about your Imperial friends," he told Luke and Ben."They'll never be able to track us now. Told you I'd lose them."
??Kenobi might have nodded briefly in response, but he was engaged in explainingsomething to Luke.
??"Don't everybody thank me at once," Solo grunted, slightly miffed. "Anyway,navigation computer calculates our arrival in Alderaan orbit at oh-two-hundred. I'mafraid after this little adventure I'll have to forge a new registration."
??He returned to his checking, passing in front of a small circular table. The topwas covered with small squares lit from beneath, while computer monitors were setinto each side. Tiny three-dimensional figures were projected above the tabletopfrom various squares.
??Chewbacca sat hunched over on side of the table, his chin resting in massivehands. His great eyes glowing and facial whiskers wrinkled upward, he gave everysign of being well pleased with himself.
??At least, he did until Artoo Detoo reached up with a stubby clawed limb acrossfrom him and tapped his own computer monitor. One of the figures walked abruptlyacross the board to a new square and stopped there.
??An expression of puzzlement, then anger crossed the Wookie's face as he studiedthe new configuration. Glaring up and over the table, he vented a stream of abusivegibberish on the inoffensive machine. Artoo could only beep in reply, but Threepiosoon interceded on behalf of his less eloquent companion and began arguing with thehulking anthropoid.
??"He executed a fair move. Screaming about it won't help you."
??Attracted by the commotion, Solo looked back over his shoulder, frowningslightly. "Let him have it. Your friend's way ahead anyhow. It's not wise to upseta Wookie."
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