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Friday Picture Fun: Star Wars and bikes

Posted Aug 05 2011 2:05pm

As a child of Generation X, I loved Star Wars as a kid. Actually, love is probably not strong enough of a word. Not only did I go see all three of the original trilogy in the movie theaters about a dozen times, I was the pride of the block with toys of the Milleinimununum Falcon, AT-AT, and a squad of 8, count ‘em, 8 Storm Troopers. My Star Wars heart was broken one day in 6th grade when my Grandmother cleaned out our garage giving away my entire toy collection while I was in bed with the chicken pox. My heart grew colder as I was forced to endure George Lucas pissing on the legacy of the original films with the prequels. Fortunately, I have come to terms with these childhood loses and now am happy to share Star Wars again, this time with my children watching the Cartoon Network series Star Wars: The Clone Wars .

With season four of The Clone Wars starting up again and the Punch It, Chewy ride scheduled for this evening , I decided to skip the regular Friday film and combine my childhood and adult loves by sharing these Star Wars related bike pictures (plus one funny Star Wars/bicycle film at the end.)

Some members of the Rebel Alliance heading to the Thursday Night Social Ride. Is that belt drive on the Millenium Tandem? From SuperPunch Blog.

Star Wars AND Bicycles AND Legos. Awesome! From

Father and son out for a Sunday ride. From

Bobba Fett goes cargo bike. Image by Mike Joos via

Looks like the Empire is running 29ers! Image by Mike Joos via

Gonna be hard to Punch It! Chewy with those rims.Image by Mike Joos via

Darth, on the other hand, looks like he's ready for bike polo! Image by Mike Joos via

Han and Chewy hit the trails. From Cyclelicious.

It took Vader a while to get the right wheel selection. From

A best dressed from the Star Trek Vs. Star Wars Pedalpalooza ride in Portland. From

There is nothing to see here. Move along. From Click image to see Trooper taking transit too.

Apparently, clone troopers are fixie hipsters in their down time. From Fixed or Die

I knew the Empire was behind Segways! From

Finally, we end with a rousing rendition of Queen’s Bicycle as sung by the Imperial Trooper choir.

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