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Four more weeks

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:25pm
Yesterday I had my first follow-up appointment since my surgery. I'm still learning just how bad this injury was. I get offered all the pain meds I can use. When I asked when I can go back to work the answer was, "We'll talk about that at your next four weeks."

They took a new X-ray. That was the most painful thing yet. The technician had me sitting and had me extend my arm out onto a table beside me. I told her there was no way it was going to happen. I nearly passed out from the pain while holding it in place. And I took a full dose of pain meds right before the appointment.

I got to see all the x-rays for the first time. It was pretty bad. But the surgeon did a nice job. The biggest concern now is getting the bone to heal. The arm has to stay imobilized. It can't be put in a cast, so my environment has to be controled to allow for no surprises.

Pain control is harder to get a grasp on than I thought. Since I'm in pain all the time, I have a harder and harder time descibing my pain or even realizing I'm still in pain. The easiest way for me to tell I'm behind on my pain meds is when I get up and try to walk across the room and I almost pass out. When that happens I've learned to take few more pills and sit still for at least a hour.

On the other hand, if I stop taking the pain meds, they have enough street value that I could make enough money to pay for a really nice build on my Ellis Cycle. (just kidding)

I'm missing out on some cold weather commuting. We had a morning temperature of 5 F.
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