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Found money: The bike commuting bonus

Posted Jan 11 2009 4:23pm

Image of coins near a bicyle tire on the street
Yesterday on my bike commute I found two quarters on the street, which I stopped and pocketed. As I write on my Bike Commute Tips website, I frequently find money in the street during my daily commute. Mostly coins, occasionally some bills. Once in San Francisco I found a wad of bills that totaled $463, which I banked after unsuccessful attempts to return it (posted flyers, Craigslist ad.) I don't stop for pennies, but depending on traffic and my haste, I'll stop for nickels, dimes, quarters.

How about you? What treasures have you found in the street during your bike commute?

Image: Paul Dorn.
Visit:Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips Site

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