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Fork advice?

Posted by Grayson N.

I am just getting back into mountain biking after several years of no riding at all, and i have definately lost touch with what are the hot products out there. I (still) am riding a 1998 Specialized StumpJumper comp M2. it has a crappy, blown Judy or something on it, and i want to take it off and run it over with my truck. after i do that, what would you recommend i replace it with? i would like something with more travel, but i think that is just about anything nowadays.

thoughts anybody?

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You have lots of options... most will be limited only by your price range.  A bike like your Stumpy M2 is really designed for something along the lines of 80-100mm of travel the way forks are made now, though you could possibly go with more if the front wheel will stay clear of the frame (I think you'd be happiest in the 80-100 range though). 

Fox are great, just pricey & unless you can foot the bill, they'll be relatively heavy.  Rock Shox is making some great forks as well, as are Manitou and Marzo... just check out the possibilities.  You can easily find a "last year's model" for a great bargain on or Ebay (provided the fork is new). 

In the process of changing forks, have a good shop/mech look @ your headset.  Might be a good idea to change that out as well, as older models used open bearings that may need replacing... you could probably upgrade to a sealed bearing type now.  They'll help you out with all of the specs. 

Hope this helps. --J

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