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followed by cheap nike free run 3 international diplomatic circles brought

Posted Mar 12 2013 7:25am
At this time the state of Chu strive aim at hegemony Cold War, the two countries are strong. As a special envoy in Chu may always have humiliated. A total state of Chu police arrested a robber, said to be the people of the state of Qi, Chu is asked Ambassador Yan said, "Qi solid good Pirates almost?" This caused Yanzi spoken Chinese literature, famous idiom that period, called "Orange Health Huainan womens nike free run 2 was orange, Born in Huaibei was Hovenia ". Yan Zi said: "people's livelihood Yu Qi, not Pirates; into Chu Pirates of you in your country atmosphere too bad ah! He was originally Qi innocent civilians, the State of Chu to become robbers ..." It's difficult to order, Anchor Ambassador of eloquence. These stories may be true, at all times are not easy to do because of the cold war diplomacy, ah! A diplomat, outside of its foreign policy, he usually wittiness between Zhechongzunzu, also need special genius!

Recent meeting in Geneva in 1954, Premier Zhou Enlai told U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, "Stretch out your hand and cry" Goodmorning "! Who would have thought the old imperialists in Dulles, went so far refused to hand. Under these circumstances, the Duke of Zhou's hand is how to recover? Zhou Enlai Fortunately, due to such scenes, his genius, and Yan Zi, finally saved the day, followed by cheap nike free run 3 international diplomatic circles brought the matter failed curse Dulles old bastard. Later, quarter Death Kyrgyzstan in 1971, and the first secret visit to China, the "handshake problem headache. The myth that "in case I hand he (Old weeks) does not reach out, what are they going to do?" (See Kissinger memoirs, "White House era, and Nixon memoirs, 1972, page five hundred fifty-nine.)
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