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Posted Jan 25 2013 1:05am
“My dear love,” said the ash wedge sneakers elder lady, as she folded the weeping 
girl to her bosom, “do you think I would harm a hair of his head?” 

“Oh, no!” replied Rose eagerly. 

“No, surely,” said the old lady; “my days are drawing to their 
close; and may mercy be shown to me as I show it to others! What 
can I do to save him, sir?” 

“Let me think, ma’am,” said the doctor; “let me think.” 

Mr. Losberne thrust his hands into his pockets, and took 
several turns up and down the room; often stopping, and 
balancing himself on his toes, and frowning frightfully. After 
various exclamations of “I’ve got it now,” and “no, I haven’t,” and 
as many renewals of the walking and frowning, he at length made 
a dead halt, and spoke as follows: 

“I think if you give me a full and unlimited commission to bully 
Giles, and that little boy, Brittles, I can manage it. Giles is a 
faithful fellow and an old servant, I know; but you can make it up 
to him in a thousand ways, and reward him for being such a good 
shot besides. You don’t object to that?” 
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