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first concert in a zillion years

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:21am
I played with Pacific Crest/Portland Winds at the opening concert of the season yesterday.

--Lake Oswego locale made it impossible for most of my friends to attend;
--Oregonian's PR desk forgot to insert the ad meaning that our audience was small (less than a hundred people for sure);
--continued confusion about the future of the group's name may lead to brand recognition issues for the public; not clear which name we will actually use -- more later on this;
--We are losing one of our percussionists to a leave-of-absence after this concert (meaning we'll be down to three players, not enough to cover all parts on many pieces this season). He plans to return next fall. In the meantime there's now an opening in the percussion section. They need to know their snare rudiments (old- or new-school, doesn't matter which) and be able to cover snare, bass, timpani and other percussion parts. They also MUST have sight-reading ability. Some keyboard mallet facility would be nice as well but not absolutely necessary. If you know of anyone, send them our way.

--Sweetie came! YAY! (And she liked it, too);
--Pal Jackie came, on the way back from a trip to the Beach. She liked it enough to inquire post-concert about trombone openings in the band and may audition to be a sub;
--Lake Oswego HS has some seriously nice percussion equipment and an amazing auditorium; I hope these kids know just how blessed their arts program is;
--I also got to play on a VERY nice snare drum owned by Portland State University (whose band opened for us). Black Swamp Percussion make some very sexy drums. (adjusting my bib to catch the drool...)
--The concert was well-received by the audience and it seemed to go quite well in all respects.
--fellow percussionist -- and private drum instructor -- Dave complimented me on my playing after the closing piece ("your rolls are SO nice and clean!"), which made me feel really good. Happy to know my ten minutes a day practice is paying off after a decade of not playing at all, and especially happy that it shows to someone who very likely can play circles around me. A nice feeling indeed.

In spite of having to be my own roadie again (which I have always detested about playing percussion -- all that schlepping of large instruments back and forth), I enjoyed myself yesterday, and really look forward to playing another concert soon. I went home happy, and imagining other ways and venues in which I might be able to play percussion/drums in the future.
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