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Fantastic start to November

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:25pm
Today I got out early, for a Saturday. OK, it wasn't until 11:00. But anything before noon is early for me if I don't have anything I have to do on a Saturday morning. First up was some errands on the Blue Truck/Xtracycle. Our desktop computer is acting up again. I can't even get on it. I loaded it up on the Xtracycle for the trip down to Downtown Computer. It was only in the low forties with almost no wind. The sun was shining. It was near perfect for hauling a load on the xtra. Just right to keep the sweat from flowing too much. After dropping off the computer I was close to the Coop. So I headed up the hill to do some shopping. I shopped and enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee before take a leisurely route back home with a detour though Canal Park to catch a view of the Lake Superior lakefront. I didn't bring a camera along today, so no pictures. It was so beautiful out in the cool air and sunshine I could have puttered around on the Blue Truck all day. I didn't feel any urgency to get home. I did finally point it towards home.

Once home I had a bit of lunch and got the LHT ready for a ride. It's been a couple of weeks since I've been on the LHT. I've been commuting mostly on the Cross Check and a few days on the Blue Truck. Last weekend I didn't get out at all. My parents were visiting from Michigan and I was still getting over a mild cold. An occasional weekend without bikes doesn't do any harm. The leaves have been off the trees for almost two weeks here. We won't see leaves on the trees again until mid-May...7 months from when they were last seen. Winters are long here. I did one of my favorite loops through Jay Cooke State Park along Hwy 210 (above) and back on the Munger Trail. It's a 33 mile loop with a couple miles of climbing along the twisting, turning wooded seven miles of 210 in the park.

Hwy 210, as it twists and turns, follows along the St Louis River. It was a nice ride. The temperature topped out right at 50 degrees while I was riding. It doesn't get much better in November.

I was again surprised at the mileage I was able to get in October. I did 603 miles for the month. Surprising because I had a mild cold for 10 days. I was able to ride through that. A 5 day visit from relatives kept mileage down and a week long vacation that was only partially bike related didn't add to the mileage. I'm very pleased to say the least.

Today: 47 miles
2008: 6,378 miles
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