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"Experts" opinion can only be a reference

Posted Oct 08 2012 1:25am
Old buffalo because upright and and integrity pode everyone's respect, it frequently in the river edge life, know the river where deep, where shallow, everyone says it is "water expert".
A little pony, should cross the river, buffalo hurriedly stop said: "children, don't in the past, it's too dangerous. Ponies don't believe, because it personally used water chestnut tried a try, water levels have not its leg? High. It adhere to the <a href="">lon le pliage hobo</a>  launching, but more to the central, water is more and more deep. It attached to choke several saliva, thanks to the old buffalo rescue, or its life is gone. From now on you more believe that the "experts".
One day, a big a two duck heard across the river swamp there are a lot of fish shrimp. Big duck was about to consulting buffalo experts, the little duck has been off the stocks. Old buffalo hurriedly call way: "come on up! Pony so high head are nearly drowned, you still worse!" Big ducks feel very reasonable, hurriedly called little ducks go ashore. The little duck said: "I can swim, should be able to past!"
Old buffalo vexedly said: "but you only so little ah, water is too deep!"
Naughty little ducks quack smile, suddenly sank down. Big duck also urgent to yell: "the expert's words are not listen to, eat a big deficit, it can do?"
Voice also decline, the little duck will take its, blunt old buffalo call way: "I believe I water well, why believe you the experts?"
Poor big duck or not in the past, because the old buffalo insisted that the little duck is a special case, it had to stand on the shore remote looked at the little duck bright enjoy delicious.
"Experts" opinion can only be a reference, believe that their own brains than believe experience is more important. Things are constantly developing and changing, and each time the situation will also decided to different solutions are different.
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