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emples quietly and nike air structure triax 91 sale climb up a few of silver

Posted Nov 23 2012 2:24am
Around their houses verdant willow surrounded, as thick. From time to time a few cute bird hanging in the branches, pearls and precious stones embedded in the green leaves, and shy like shelter himself. Clear and melodious birds continue to stimulate own excitement neural. Where are their nests? Is not I drifting away?Teardrop dripping heart, tears in their eyes in the vague figure as cordial.The is being physical exertion mother. She was as gaunt as emaciated. Temples quietly and nike air structure triax 91 sale climb up a few of silver, and the addition of a few Road gully like wrinkles on the forehead. Mother is sandwiched between naughty sister dish, kindly smile visible. A few drops of oil droplets stick in her sister's clothes, she is busy holding a damp cloth and gently wipe.

A few grains of rice grains child fall down, mother always did not hesitate to put in the mouth, which is not stingy, but thrifty. Drink plenty of water when she always sip a small mouth, there is no trace of the sound slipped out. The river is not clear, the sky is not blue, I finally no longer young.I do not understand that they are standing on the shore of which a river just looked at the small river is no longer clear nike blazers low sale water, the water reflection of the blue sky high above the longer. I suddenly burst heart-breaking.Maybe a long time ago, maybe that is not too long ago, the river is probably clear it. The river is perhaps twelve beautiful fish cruising freely like youth, like me. But do not know when the creek just like I am now, years Shao Baitou. The creek began a cloudy, the sky began to dim.
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