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edication has its own political supra s1w uk mediocrity ashamed has a painful has chosen

Posted Jan 22 2013 7:11am
Puzzle whereabouts plum snow chaos, whisk one is also full of geese to news rumor, Luyao naturalized dream hard for. Lihen just as spring grass, more rows farther also students at this time just blows hurt the spring, striking feeling of sadness filled the air, the forest Petals just brushed and full of heart children and chaos. North Various Artists, the aromatic tone amputation, the the road distant Come How can send you a patch of Acacia digestion at the melancholy? Let us look at the spring grass is dry to go, water ruthless, so the night rain poured, floating down the earth. His hate, such as rocks to crack, as the roar of the sea, is echoed in between heaven and earth. His hate has should not jump to the letter the calumny of remorse; dedication has its own political supra s1w uk mediocrity ashamed; has a painful has chosen to look back. Of Li Yu experienced suffering too much, he can not afford the twists and turns once again, he has exhausted roar days, he has a hoarse voice, he has to want to waving Jinjian and powerless.

Why should continue to torment him, he is the emperor, is the beauty God!Gurgling out of the window under the rain, so quiet, so endless reverie. Thousands of unhappy hurt as if through this rain tell "Do not be a general feeling among pain. His suffering in the world, and finally to draw on the full stop. In 978 AD, the same is Tanabata, is also the birthday of Li Yu, God seems to need to recall him, it has been reluctant to let Li Yu and suffering. Zhao Guangyi gift of wine he drank With that breeze away, his death actually also so poetic .Li Yu's words, written supra owen uk not with ink, but blood, tears, touched by heaven rain and fusion. His back to him at all lost something in the real world in the world of words. Fate with ordinary people's different life trajectory, fate let him bleed, and even pay with their lives, with this extraordinary experience, with blood, tears cast a millennium monument. Under the Millennium, still let us touched, admire, look up to.
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