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Dumbest Product of the Week- 25th Edition, The Wind Helmet

Posted Mar 07 2009 3:11pm

It’s hard to believe, but Dumbest Product of the Week has entered its 25th edition, our silver anniversary so to speak. We’ve enjoyed skewering silly products these last seven months, and despite the seeming implosion of our economy, they just keep coming.


I’d like to thank one of our vigilant readers for sending me this week’s nominee, The Wind Helmet concept. The Wind Helmet is a piece of bike/motorcycle head gear that has vents in the front that shoot air to at fan in the back which powers a small generator.

This device joins previous nominee, the  Biomechanical Energy Harvester, in a series of concepts to make power generation for all our various mobile devices more “green.” Never mind that the energy required to produce such a device likely dwarfs the total energy output it is every capable of making. And like other such devices, this helmet seeks to make us more dependent on all sorts of electronic devices, not less so.

Aside from the Halo- like look of these helmets, I can’t image anyone wanting to put one of these on. I mean all the paraphernalia inside is likely to weigh at least 5 pounds. Whens the last time you thought of batteries as light? Add to that the wind catching nature of the helmet, and I’d say your neck is going to get quiet a workout. You’d need two Nubrellas and an Axoim carbon rack just to counteract the aerodynamic drag created by this thing. That would get old real quick. 

It seems like if your going to put a fan in your helmet, the air ought to be going the other direction like with this pith helmet from Hammacher Schlemmer:


The energy generated by the solar panels on this helmet may not power your iPod or blackberry, but it does produce a cool breeze. On a an August day in Austin on my bike, I’d gladly trade that for all the mobile devices in the world.

Enjoy your weekend, and get out and ride your bike.

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