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Driving to work.

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:25pm
I haven't gotten to work any other way than by bicycle for 13 months. I've been riding this week with the mild head cold I'm suffering through. Today I had the opportunity to drive to work, and the thought never crossed my mind. Susan flew to Dallas this morning for a conference. She asked me to drive her to the airport before work. I dropped her off at 6:10 am and was home by 6:30. Just in time to pick up my usual morning routine. I had some breakfast and got ready to bike to work. I knew I had an errand to run after work which meant I needed to take the Blue Truck/Xtracycle today.

Once at work, I was causally telling a co-worker about having to get up early to get Susan to the airport. She asked, "So you have a car today, you actually drove to work?" That was when it dawned on me I could have easily driven to work today. I told the co-worker I had gone home first to get my bicycle and ride to work. That's how I get here, I never thought about driving to work. How horrible that would be to have to sit in a car, when I could ride. She looked at me like I was crazy. Oh well, maybe I am. Still, I'd rather be crazy than drive to work.

I needed the Xtra today to haul this stuff home: Another co-worker gave me a big bag of apples from an apple tree in her yard. I'm thinking two batches of Apple Butter...yum, yum. I also stopped and picked up a case of Almond Milk at the Coop. It was on sale, $1 off per carton. I saved $12.

Who needs a car when you have an Xtracycle?!

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