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Do I really need to go there? A question for the transportation cyclist.

Posted Nov 09 2012 7:19pm
I was chatting with a classmate today about the fact that both of us are pretty content to stay within the bike friendly confines of Central Phoenix or Tempe.  No, it's not as easy to traverse as either Portland or Flagstaff but there are bike routes to most of our destinations and when combined with public transit being car-free or car-light is pretty do-able.  If I can't get there by bicycle, more and more I find myself not just questioning whether or not I need to go at all.  The answer I keep arriving at is no, I don't need to go that much.  Rather than feeling deprived, I think I'm experiencing a greater sense of calm.  I find myself wanting stuff a little bit less.  My love of JCrew and the Banana hasn't necessarily gone away, I just don't experience it as something I can't live without - better for me mentally, better for me financially.

Instead of shopping, I've been exploring Phoenix's plethora of downtown murals.  Here are just a few.

The artists are quite diverse, some long-time muralists, others former taggers.  From what I understand many are self-taught.  I'm finding them all over downtown and, being on my bike so much, it's easy for me to stop and take them all in.  You see more of them here from time to time.
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