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Desire, let me enter the dream......

Posted Oct 12 2012 8:08am

I grow up! "I didn't born will be useful", tsinghua university admission notice sent to my home. Look at the parents that brilliant of smiling face, I smiled happily. I am like a happy bird, fly to the dream school. Famous brand is a famous brand, in there, not "cramming" teaching <a href="">beats for dre</a> method. The teacher kind, the classmate amiable. In class, like a bosom friend in tete-a-tete. The whole school, is permeated with a kind of the taste of home...

 I grow up! By the hands of the clearly the diploma, I confidently forward I admire already a long time of computer company to seek work. The company boss a see my diploma, said nothing and hired me. Work is not easy, every day to write a lot of program, can not do as one likes to do what you like, Money is not easy ah, a tiny bit place not ready, the boss will deduct wages. I finally understand the parents is not easy. No sweet without sweat, I finally made life first bucket of gold...

 I grow up! As the saying goes: male big is natural to get married when you. This of course is also very naturally occurs in my body. Already have a son of I, the family will be happy, just children always didn't listen to my discipline, the tube he more resistance. Ah, recalling his past, and then did it ever be not such. At this time, I just take a tumble: love each other, understand ah

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