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Dave Zabriskie - Back to the Future

Posted Aug 09 2011 2:40pm

By: DZ

It’s with mixed emotions that I flew from LA to Salt Lake City last night. Earlier in the year I’d been excited about the Tour of Utah, looking to show off some Tour de France form and bust it open a bit for the home town fans. But I’m still not 100% and not nearly in the condition I had wanted to be for this stage race event.

I have some fond memories of my time in Utah and for the friends that I made here. It’s always a pleasure to be welcomed back and to be regarded as a local boy. But the truth is I also have some painful memories and journeying back ‘home’ will never be the easiest trip I can make.

Although I haven’t been able to train super hard I’ll give it my best go this week. I’m excited to ride for our guys and both Tommy D and Peter look to be going strong. It’ll be ‘painful’ fun to support them.

My Body
This fickle machine is on the mend. My hand and wrist are nearly 100% but my knee remains sore and getting the fluid and swelling down has been harder than expected. The knee feels pretty good on the bike except when I’m at maximum effort. But when I’m walking around, and especially when I have to do any stairs, the pain returns.

I’m appreciative of my body and what it can do. I try to treat it with the greatest of respect and hope to encourage others to do the same. Its a gift to be able to ride like this and I don’t take that ability lightly (although a few super powers wouldn’t be bad thing to have at your disposal as well).

Much thanks for all the well wishes that have come in as those messages have certainly helped. And I’m also grateful to the good folks at who have graciously come to my rescue with one of their awesome treatment machines. They’ve made a truly remarkable device. Simple and effective it’s hard not to appreciate what they’ve come up with. So guess what I was carrying with me to the airport last night?

Home Again
I never expected to be home in July and I’ve done the best to turn the situation to my advantage. Training here out of Westlake Village is a dream. I really dig these roads and find myself inspired to ride them.

Home earlier than expected also means I can get a jump on house projects that typically have to wait till the off-season. So I’ve been coordinating a few changes around the property. Making some progress on the homestead always feels good.

The Tramp
I love my trampoline but I love it even more now. After some serious hand digging (not by me) that baby is now in the ground. I can’t bounce on it yet but the kids do and it’s hard to sometimes get them off of it. The in-ground tramp is a nice addition to the family training program.

The Trampoline!

The New Big Rig
I’ve been contemplating a 4×4 van, an Airstream, a motorcycle, an extended pick-up truck, or an ATV. But in the end, I typically default to what I love most, bikes. My latest addition is a brand new long tail cargo bike with electric assist. How many bikes can I really have? It’s seemingly endless. How many bikes can I fit into my garage? I certainly hope a few more.

I strapped the boys into the rear seats and gave them a little tour of the area. The kids loved it and it was a treat for me as well. The bike is a tad heavy and not the easiest to handle with two toddlers on the rear but good fun nonetheless.

The New Rig

Capt. America
Finally got out to see the best Marvel film to date. I was floating above my chair in that theater I was so excited. Loved every minute of it and walked out of there with a wide-ass grin wondering how I get myself into a bit role in the sequel.

Still jacked up when I got home that I mounted my life-size Capt. America shield onto the front of the new cargo bike and took to the streets. My kind neighbors, now used to my occasionally eccentric behavior, gave me the thumbs up, others an amused wave, and one rather serious gentlemen offered up a full military salute. You gotta love this country.

Coyote Ugly
The coyotes are passing by my yard now on a regular basis. They’re typically looking for food and water. They seem completely immune to our presence, often looking our way and giving us that shit-eating grin that they seem famous for. I can tell you that the birds around here don’t like them and are often dive-bombing them as they leisurely meander by.

The Coyote

Hey Mom
My mom came to town for a visit. She said it was to check on me and my recovery, see how I was doing and to boost my morale but I suspect it was really for the grandsons. It’s cool to have the boys get to know her and for her to have some time with them.

Bo Does Circles
My youngest boy is not walking yet so he’s co-opted his brother’s trike bike. The Kiwi made trike is a great wood decorated design that conveniently transforms to a coaster bike once the boy can walk. Little Bo is happily doing counter clock-wise circles in the garage with the reckless abandon of a criterium wannabe.

Bo and Dad The Trike

I have returned…
We get started tomorrow…a prologue. If you have a chance to come out to the races, please do. It should be a good show. And if you see a Garmin rider who looks like he’s masking the pain, that’s most likely me. Feel free to give a little wave or a shout out because I think I’ll need it.

-Dave Z.
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