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Dandong, : Nash or in return this week won't make pau gasol substitute

Posted Dec 10 2012 3:56am
The lakers coach, dandong, says Steve Nash is likely this week will be in the lakers' four even the guest back, and when it comes to pau gasol, he denied that considering the Spaniard substitute said. According to the ESPN report, the lakers today against the jazz, pau gasol is still not fight, this is because of his knees inflammation for the fourth consecutive game absence, but the lakers coach dandong, stressed that no matter what pau gasol back, will not substitute. Cheap Lebron 8 V2 Yesterday the media leaks, insider says, the lakers internal are discussing whether gasol substitute, but dandong, deny that will make pau gasol to substitute. "Haven't thought of it like that before, that's not what we need now to do," dandong, he said, "we need to let he and Steve Nash present together, see the effect, and then make good evaluation. I think he is very good at in the 4 do what he should do, so I don't think that will be the case (gasol substitute)." A reporter is further inquiry, is because they want to see Steve Nash and pau gasol partner effect that pau gasol continue to start. To this, dandong, claimed that, even in Nash regression before, pau gasol back if words, he also still will start. "I won't mess with Paul (gasol)," dandong, he said, "he is too important to this team, this is his due. He is a great player. If not as a last resort, definitely not that arrangement. The local time last Sunday, pau gasol did not attend the team's shootaround, but to his knees treatment, including ice and drug therapy, Cheap Lebron 8 PS but now he can't run at full speed. "They want to let him complete rest three or four days, and then probably we came to Cleveland or other city, he will further," dandong, he said, "if he pain reduction, or have no pain, he will be back. But it is still not up to that time." The lakers will be from Beijing time starts on Wednesday welcomed quadruple guest, first to Cleveland, and then to New York, Washington, dc, and Philadelphia. And dandong, revealed that Steve Nash is close to return, he since season game 2 after the injury has broken his left leg because of missing, and this time he may be in the lakers' four even the guest back. "I think it's very possible," dandong, he said, "it is very possible. In the today's shooting training, Nash and the lakers' strength training teacher training with Tim. "I think he is close to return, he just don't want to have any setbacks, he wants to restore 100% of health, I hope so, too." Dandong, he said, "for the team, for the return of his health is too important." Nash has participated in individual shots and dribbling training, but the present is not sprinting or violent cut. When it comes to Steve Nash's progress, dandong, said, "of course I hope so, sometimes I see some good things. Although it may still not 100%, but it is clear that he can do more and Penny Hardaway Shoes more." The rockets play the mavs at home yesterday, netease sports interview the mavericks owner mark Cuban was the sole, which revealed the mavericks give up yi to return to the CBA play secret, is yi jianlian demand guarantee a lot of playing time, negotiation so fail. The mavericks owner mark Cuban is the NBA very rich individual character boss, also very has the Chinese border, and his team have successively signed a Chinese player wang zhizhi and yi. He and netease sports reporter also familiar with, many times to meet, chat by the rockets play at home the opportunity, the reporter asked him to talk about yi last season in the experience, and why not stay in Dallas, he was quick to promise. As is known to all, yi in the NBA last station is Dallas, last season he represent the mavs the 29 games, but is averaging only won 6.8 minutes per game playing time, the data is only 2.6 points and 1.7 rebounds. After the end of the season, after various weigh, yi jianlian final choice back to the CBA, continue for guangdong effect. So far this season, o united guangdong averaging can off 28.7 points and 10.2 rebounds, two pairs of data, is the core of the objective Cheap Air Foamposite One side. Last season, the reporter had interviewed library classes, the latter was said would do everything in his power to keep yi. So he tried to leave yi? Cuban revealed that they tried to keep yi jianlian, but yi jianlian puts forward the mavericks to ensure he a lot of playing time, which makes the mavs can't promise. "We never give any player playing time guarantee. Cuban said. The new season of NBA no Chinese players figure, but Cuban think yi sooner or later would return to the NBA in because he believes a confederation, his career is the most beneficial things. But Cuban also believe that the future will also have a lot of Chinese player to join the NBA, if possible, the mavericks will renew China border, once again choose Chinese players.
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