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cycle and lose weight

Posted by Glen L.

I've been cycling to work since mid April and have increased my consumption of fruits and vegetables and I've lost 24 lbs.
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I'm also someone who cycles to work. I'm wondering, how long is your biking commute? Mine is only one mile each way, but I've notced that it does help keep me toned, keep weight gain at bay, and is very relaxing. Great work! Keep it up!
I ride pretty fast and I'm there in 15 minutes, but after work I sometimes detour about an hour and half before getting home.
Are you keeping up with the cycling now that it is October? I used to live in Toronto, and loved to cycle there in the summer time. There really were a great number of cycling paths and routes through the city. But what do you do when the snow flies? I've always wondered about indoor cycling racks that you have to ride, but since moving to California, it seems I can ride outdoors most of the year... but be sure to keep up the effort!
keep it going !!! good job :)
Congratulations! I hope I can pull this off too!
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