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Crab finally smiled

Posted Sep 24 2012 2:45am
boots shop Stir a bear and ha ha rat in the seaside, the beautiful scenery of the sea fascinated. Suddenly, a noise interrupted their thoughts.
The beach, a small conch (luo) are and a crab (pang xie) quarrel.
"How?"Tease bear asked.
"Is he done!" Small conch is very angry.
"I don't be stepping on their sand palace!" Crab said shyly, "but I didn't mean it!"
"You see you that walk appearance, <a href="">peuterey prezzi</a> tyrannize!" Small conch said.
Crab say but they, transversely climb opened.
Crab only climbed, carelessly and met are side in the sun snails.
"I didn't see you!" Crab quickly explanation.
Snails taking time to say: "you was not reasonable, all day transversely to walk, yao (yao) wu earlier Yang!"
"No one is willing to do his friends! Small conch said.
"You quickly from his some far!" The snail said.
"In fact, I am very lonely!" Crab whispered, "I don't want to make you hate, I want to make friends with you!"
"In fact, he's friendly!" Ha ha rat said with a smile.
"Pack of!" Small conch despise (xie) a curse.
"I'm not put!" Crab is very helpless, "in fact I also don't want to cross the walk, but I claws joint is very special, only downward bending, so can only move around, also only will cross the climb!"
"I've read about those. The crab walk, use first side PAWS grab, then use the other side of the paw to side push!" Tease bear said.
"So, crab is not intentionally to tyrannize oh!" Ha ha rat said.
Partners ran to the crab that careful observation.
"Really the crab mack!" Small conch smiled.
"When you cross the climb, we hide away!" The snail also smiled.
"Ha ha ha!" Partners with the game, crab also show a happy smile.
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